Who would have thought we that our compass of life would take such a shift, that our everyday life as we have become accustomed to, our standards, our customs, our establishment… social distancing, isolation.we all of a sudden discover how things like “Toilet paper” “Eggs” “Mazot for Pesach” are of basic importance, but something ells as well we all of sudden materializes… deficiencies in the areas of attentive listening, acceptance and involvement, identification and empathy are now stressed more then ever, and not only at these unusual times but year round, we need to be listened to … and what about our children? who’ll listen to them? The “Listening Organization” has set up to respond to adolescent kids who are being naturally shy to their peers, parents and educators and who do not always know how exhibit expose and inquire their need to personal attention.With the understanding that parents and the educational institutions cannot always provide and advance the level or expose the undeveloped talent of the young generation.

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